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Court Reporting Services

  • Our experienced reporters cover depositions, court proceedings, arbitrations, public and private hearings.  We also transcribe prerecorded events.
  • We offer realtime, daily, expedited and standard turnaround.
  • Multiple transcript formats are available, including ASCII, Summation, Discovery ZX and more.
  • Complimentary condensed transcript and word indexing accompany each transcript.
  • E-Tran allows us to e-mail your transcript in a secure format which you can easily  access and search.


  • We will schedule a professional videographer for your deposition.
  • Our associated professional videographers preserve the deposition and provide related services, including courtroom presentation.
  • Videos may be time synchronized with the court reporter’s transcript to facilitate future cross-referencing or video-text synchronization.

Record Services

  • Your depositions on written questions and records retrieval requests will receive prompt attention.
  • All records are prepared in admissible form, Bates stamped, tabbed and bound.
  • We have a working relationship with many regional medical providers.

Process Services

  • We gladly handle preparation and service of all subpoenas, including Texas issuance of out-of-state subpoenas.
  • Need someone on the ground in Lubbock for a quick errand?  Call us for prompt, courteous assistance.

Let our first class team make your life easier.